How do I get back into dating after three years?

My relationship ended very calmly. We both just saw a lot of potential problems if we took the next step, which would have been to get engaged. It feels weird being single. How do I get back into dating after three years?


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  • I was with my ex for over 4 years lol
    When I'm on a date with a guy I try to see them as a friend.. Or a random stranger I happen to meet/talk to.. consider it we just having a casual get to know talk..
    I don't see them as 'a date'.
    And it works all the time. Guys I'm on a date with always tell me they feel very comfortable around me/talking to me. You act awkward they will sense that and act difficult, you act super chill down they will be comfortable around you.


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  • You mean you want him back?


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  • It sounds like you want to get back to dating, have you told your friends? What have you already tried? What options do you think are best for you? Do you think you are ready?

    • I have told my friends. I am going to try to pursue two guy that I was interested in but couldn't do anything while i had my boyfriend. Then maybe online dating if those don't pan out?

    • Sure, I did online dating but I knew my husband from grade school. I have asked questions about online dating on this website, some positive and negative opinions. It works for some people, and might or might not work for you. I wish you luck

  • If you force it you won't find anyone

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