Which girl would you most likely date or be friends with?

So if you had to pick between these four girls which one would you choose? (Using My Friends And People I Know)

Girl #1-
Looks: 5'8, Ariana Grande's Body Type, Green eyes, Brown Hair (curly or braided, Long Length), High Cheekbones, Small roundish almond eyes, full lips, Heart- Shaped Face, Pale Skin
Personality- Mainly Musical, Sarcastic, Funny, SUPER SHY (anxiety), Extrovert, Laughs A Lot, Has Strong Motivation and Ambition, Adventurous, Smart, Positive, Wise

Girl #2-
Looks: 5'3, Brown Hair (usually tied up, medium length), Wide Nose, Thin Lips, Jennifer Lawrence's Body Type, Round Face, Average Sized Round Eyes, Brown Eyes, Tan Skin
Personality- Confident, Childish, Outgoing, Extroverted, Protective of Friends, Sensitive, Scared To Fall In Love, Funny, Positive, Knows She's Pretty

Girl #3-
Looks: 4'9, Blonde Hair (Medium-Long length), thin nose, heavy-set (Over weight), Big round eyes, brown eyes, Thin Lips, Oval Face , thick legs
Personality- Popular, Sporty, Confident, Gets Jealous Easily, Has a lot of friends, Likes Video games, Adventurous, Negative

Girl #4-
Looks: 5'0, Overweight, Long Blonde Hair, Thin Bumpy Nose, Oblong Face Shape, Full Lips, Thinner Legs, Big Boobs
Personality- Sarcastic, Music Driven, Outgoing, Introvert, Smart, Talkative, Friendly, Hard To Get To Open Up, Negative, Knows What She Wants In Life, Low Motivation, Creative, Loves Art, Loves Hugs and Affection


What Guys Said 2

  • The girl with the biggest tits.

  • Number 1 sounds like the best person to spend time around. Plus she's not a foot smaller than me :/

    • LMAO, I don't know why but people around here are pretty short.

    • Haha, that's fair enough.

What Girls Said 1

  • #1 just bc she's not overweight or a dwarf 😐

    • LMAO 5'3 isn't that bad.

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