She called me "Kiddo"... wtf?

I was texting this girl back and forth and she said she was going off to study, I said best of luck with it all, nighty night and I'll see you tomorrow. She said "see you tomorrow kiddo". That felt so Friend zone its not even funny. What do you think?


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  • You got friend-zoned big time, I use "kiddo" sometimes only because they are hella a lot younger than me so before they start chasing me, just letting them know they are too young for me lol

    • Damn, eek, and we are the same age to, I act more mature than her as well (at least IMO). I was kind of like "What the fuck, kiddo? I get bro or dude, but I ain't your fucking kiddo".

    • Who knows she could be just teasing you. But I never tease like that because it downgrades a person and makes them feel invaluable... rather build them up than down

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  • >>>>>>"That felt so Friend zone its not even funny."

    ^ LOL I have to admit I laughed at this. xD Not at your misfortune, mind you, but at the great truth of what you said here.

    And yeah, that's not a good sign if you were interested in being more than friends. Like some people said, that's like being "kid-zoned" more so than even friend-zoned. :o

    Dang dude, that sucks. :o

    • But just wait a little bit longer, to make sure. You can't come to a conclusion based on one word, but definitely be ready in case your suspicions are correct.

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    • Haha I get it, but just wait a few days. Couldn't hurt, unless there are other girls you are currently interested in and they might get nabbed up by other dudes any second. :P

    • Thank you for the blue star! :D

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  • Dude that's one level lower than friendzoned. That's almost in the cousin zoned range 😒

    • Yeah, like dude, bro, etc, I can deal with that. Kiddo, wtf is that, wtf is kiddo? Who the fuck do you think you are lol

    • My sympathies 💙

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  • sounds worse than when a girl starts calling you bro. It could mean nothing, its so hard to try to read into texts, its like trying to decipher dreams. Without the person there talking to you face to face its hard to tell. Maybe she was trying to be funny.

    • "sounds worse than when a girl starts calling you bro" haha, yeah trust me... I know... That word was like a small knife prying its way into my skull XD.

  • Maybe she is a little tomboyish, maybe you are just friend zoned, maybe she is accustomed to hear that word from a family member.
    Or maybe you are just overreacting like a kiddo.

    • I don't know man, Kiddo just doesn't sound right lol

  • You got kid zoned.

    • Correction... Kiddo zoned

    • I think that's even worse... sorry man.

    • It is... it so much worse... I almost take it as an insult, not even as friend zone but as an insult.

  • Sounds like something a dad would say to his son 0_o

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