He hasn't text me yet?

It was our 3rd date. Every date we have gone on has been great, but it took me texting him first, saying hey, then he'd be like, come see me. Everything has been amazing this far, 3rd date was even better than the others, we made out and held hands and stuff. But all today he hasn't text me. I just don't understand. I don't want to have to text him, like don't forget about me or something, cause it's dumb. Is he just not really about me?


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  • He could be busy. He could be playing games. He could just be like most guys and not use his phone too much. When I'm at work I never look at my phone. When I'm practicing I don't look at my phone. If you like this guy and he likes you I can only say don't be afraid to text first. Guys really like stupid silly texts from girls they are dating. It really makes us happy to get a thinking of you text. Once you guys get more established it will even out, but right now in all likelihood he is just trying to not come off as desperate. I promise you he would love to hear from you and just isn't trying to push you away by wanting too much of your attention.

    • so you think he really likes me? I mean, if I text him he text right back. But if he likes me and I don't text him, will he text me eventually?

    • Stop all this. You are getting WAY too worked up over a text message. You've gone on three dates with this guy, you've held hands, and made out. A text shouldn't be this big of a deal. You have his attention I promise you. He is thinking of you right now. Just relax and enjoy the time you spend together and look forward to the next time. Text him, don't text him. Either way I would bet you any amount of money you will see him again.

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  • Maybe he's not sure that you like him? He's insecure?
    I made out with my guy on our first date lol and he acted so into me the whole time.. Well he initiated text after the date though for like 3 days straight then he stopped... We didn't contact each other for 4 days.. I thought he lost interest/player/found someone better...
    But then it felt so right on our first date, so I ASSUMED he's not contacting me because he's not sure of my feelings.. You know l.. guys afraid of rejection..
    So after long ass days of no contact I texted him my lovely selfie lol saying that I miss his kisses, and asked him to see me sometime soon.. And ever since that he's been texting me every day ha. Your guy could be unsure of your feelings too.. My guy was worried if he was coming too strong that if he scared me or something (bc he was super horny on our first date lol) just be direct and give him a clear sign that you into him. You guys made out and been on three dates now that's a progress there.. And you should be comfortable enough to talk about these things now right? Just talk to him. If he still leaves you hanging, his loss.