Introvert or Extrovert, What am I?

I am really lost and confused to what I am.

I know I am a natural introvert, I am an "INFJ" and was always happy doing my own thing as I was a kid.

From 0-20 I was a complete Introvert, I loved being quiet, keeping to myself, playing video games, reading, watching tv shows...

But something Happened the last couple of years :o
(I am 23 now)

After I finished college, starting working, I realized I wanted a girlfriend...

So I stopped playing video games, and watching TV to focus on doing things, talking to people...

So now I am scared to start a conversation with anyone, I can talk loud, to random strangers, make jokes etc.

The problem is I am still very shy when I meet a girl I like ( Which screws things up because she thinks I'm cold because I don't like her, when I am just shy)

I did end up falling in love with a girl in my extroverted adventure, but she was just leading me on and I was inexperienced... very bad combination and I really tried crawling back into my shell but I couldn't...

Lately I am just really unsettled with who I am... I feel extroverted on the outside, but still introverted on the inside...

If I do something extroverted (Like Clubbing), it really drains me, I don't feel it, I get sad because it's not as fun as I thought it be, and I didn't meet a girl.

If I do something introverted ( Like reading or staying in for the night) I feel really guilty and unsettled because I am alone, I should be out doing something exciting, having fun, meeting a girl...

I am in some sort of limbo, where I don't want to do anything... I don't want to party on the flip side I hate being at home, can't find any good shows or books that catch my interest...

So I am not really sure who I am, or what to do?

I might be an ISFJ at times...

I am on that S/N Border.


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  • Your an INFJ, same as me. What it is is that your extroverted feeling or Fe is more dominate then your other functions. So while you 'feel' like an extrovert your not. But you maybe stuck as a ambivert because your not sure where to feel comfortable with for that day. But overall you prefer introversion over anything else.

    • First it's really cool to meet another INFJ... Hello my friend! :)

      That is crazy and sucks, I feel like an extrovert but I'm not...

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    • I took it and got the same. It is pretty new. Thanks for sharing. This was the first website I learned more about our type 2 years ago.

    • There is a lot on that site!

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  • We all have different aspects of both introversion and extroversion. I'm like a shy ENTJ for example, you might wanna check out the third option which is called "Ambivert" a mixture of the two!

    • Maybe I am an Ambivert, but I still am more introverted...

      I really just feel unsettled lately though...

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  • I'm an INFP being introverted and alone is my domain XD. So there's one thing i wanna know when you do those introverted thing do you feel lonely or alone? Cause both aren't the same thing

    • I feel really lonely... I wish I had someone to do these things with me and understand me...

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