Does skin color matter?

I've studied this since I was in middle school. from my conclusion it does. me for example the only female friends I was really close with were my race. But what I really wanna know is alright to do date somebody outside of your race? And In time like this with high racial tensions pointing towards Latinos. Because I'm brown, you can't miss it and I feel it gets in the way of my dating life sometimes.


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  • No, not for me personally

  • Skin color does matter.
    Because not all people are cool with dating someone outside their race.
    I personally don't mind at all. I've dated variety packages lol
    Of course it is alright to date someone outside your race.. It's your dating life nobody will/should judge you.


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  • I could care less about the skin color of my friends or women.

    • I agree on that. But where I live the city is divided if you knoe what I'm saying

    • The world is divided at times. Whether it's religion, political views, race, gender rights, rights in terms of sexuality. It's always divided. Just be you.

    • alright thanks man. really appreciate it.

  • Maybe your friends were the same race for cultural or geographical reasons, not race reasons.

    • ya maybe but my city is divided if you know what I'm saying

    • you mean like most cites that are divided along socioeconomic lines.

    • no by wealth