Crush on exchange student but I'm graduating soon?

Hey guys and gals,
Just wanted some advice for my situation being I have a massive crush on the exchange student at my school who is 16 and I'm 18 (I selected the wrong age). We have a lot in common and according to many people, he likes me back and we want to get together at some point.

A few issues include the age gap, myself graduating in November as well as he is leaving temporarily in June next year. First off, is it even legal to date him if I am technically an adult. I've been in a serious relationship for three before and this feels even more closer than my previous boyfriend but he was only a few month younger.

Please help me because I have no idea what is going on and please no bullying / hate comments.

Another thing to add, he accidentally saw me changing as we are doing a production together so it's even more confusing as what to do because we really like eachother but there are so many implications.

Thank you so much :)

Another thing, he acts more mature for his age and I am a little bit less so as an 18 year old so we act as if we are the same age. He also looks older than me so people do not assume or judge yet.


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  • the age of consent varies by area

  • You should move on

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