How long should I wait to text her?

If you're trying to talk to a girl were about a year apart I'm 16 and she's 15 how long should I wait to text her?

Basically we used to flirt a lot with me in gym class and texted some but id make the question of who are you interested in hoping for the shy response back. I think she had me not in the friend zone but just didn't like me. we stopped talking for about 3 months and I chatted with her at school one day texted her that night and we talked for a few hours. I texted her a how was your day kinda message the next night without response so now I don't know how long to wait to try again. I don't want to come off as over eager or needy and more importantly I want to avoid the friend zone. Any suggestions?


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  • talk to her awhile longer in person and then ask her once you kan c that she's clearly comfortable with you :)

  • if you like her, text her now


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