Guys, I Slept with a guy he didn't text me for two days. Now he's being confusing when he did text me?

I slept with a guy. After he had explained he wouldn't mind Us waiting. Prior to this we texted everyday all day. After we slept together he didn't respond to my text messages. Finally he did. He said it was "Its nothing you have done. I promise you that. I've just been really busy," but he had always made a new effort to text before no matter how busy he was. He also had said "you are fine. I have just been worn out lately" So guys tell me. What does this all mean? Why would he bother texting me alc this if he was done with me? What does he mean by "nothing I have done" like is he into me still? What's going on?


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  • What is going on is that he got what he wanted so now he doesn't have to put in as much effort as he used to.


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  • I wouldn't expect too much from him.
    It could be that him just trying to be nice because he feels bad to be an asshole.
    He used to text you all day and now he stopped that.
    When a guy giving you a busy be excuse, don't take that crap. Unless it's some kind of a serious legit shit. NOBODY is too busy for their partners.
    Try to just focus on other things in your life and date other guys..

  • It means you got played. I am sorry.

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