Can depression/anxiety sometimes stop feelings of affection?

Not all the time, like sometimes. I've started dating someone with depression and it's bit of a minefield. I'm trying to be supportive and understanding, but sometimes I'm left so confused. For example, he came to see me after he had a bad day last week and we watched a film and chilled out. I wanted to cuddle a bit on the bed, but he didn't return the affection which hurt me. He just lay there, arms at his side. Also, his kiss goodbye was just a quick one.

I know this all sounds ridiculous, but its just the little things which show a bond and connection. It's important. I've always been used to the early stages of dating, where you can't get enough of the other person and the affection slowly settles to a comfortable level.

I want to speak to him about it; but I''m not sure how to word it, what with his condition. I don't want to accuse him, but my needs have to met as well.

And yeah, is his behavior normal? Do I have nothing to worry about if it happens again?


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  • More than stopping feelings of affection, it can make him question your affection to him. Do you love him? Why would you love him? Does he deserve your love? What is she doing here with someone like me?

    You have a hard road ahead.

    • Thanks for the opinion. It's too early for me to "love him" and we're not exclusive yet, but we're not seeing other people either. I want to understand him because I care about him, but this isn't a normal dating experience I've ever been in

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  • A lot of people with depression and anxiety can't even function in life, get out of bed, leave their homes, speak to someone so yes it can cut off normal feelings healthy people enjoy.

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