Is it wrong for a guy to react to bad behaviour from the opposite sex in the exact same way a girl would?

I was reading this article called 7 Text Messages That Prove He's Just Not That Into You.

And I realized many girls do these same things to me. My instinct usually has been to stop talking to them. Now after reading that article, I feel vindicated. But advice like this always seems to be for girls only. Can I take it and use it and respond to things the way that a girl would?

I've noticed that girls feel a certain freedom to be rude and condescending toward guys, believing that if he's genuinely interested in her, her rudeness won't matter and he'll just keep on pursuing, thus proving his commitment and interest. That makes no sense to me. Why should a guy tolerate bad treatment any more than the average girl would?


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  • I think it has nothing to do with gender more so than ones personalities.. some men like and encourage the sassyness of women.. I think on some level to most men it's sexy and shows the man their women isn't easy.. allegedly


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  • "Can I take it and use it and respond to things the way that a girl would?"

    Yes, and sometimes that will work wonderfully. It's just that it only works with certain kinds so it's up to you to decide if they are what you're looking for. Girls have the same problem but they're usually not aware of it so many never learn that although it will get them some guys it might not get them the guys they actually want.