Will this guy ever date me?

I have known this guy for a year. We became friends by one of my friends giving me his number and we started texting. In the one year we have been friends we have become very close to each other. We can ask each other anything or talk about anything and not feel uncomfortable about it. We have had problems in the past where he stops talking to me completely and then weeks later we make up and be friends again.The problem is I like him a lot but every time we talk about dating he politely says he only likes me as a friend. But a week ago he told me It I have a chance with dating him. Then the next day he told me it he was trying to get it through my head that we would never date. I guess what I'm saying is that he can be very confusing. He says I have a chance with dating him and then I don't have a chance with him.


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  • I think he considers you as a very close friend, but isn't totally comfortable with the idea of dating you. He did take the initiative to tell you that he considers you as "just a friend" a few times, so that seems to be where he stands as of right now.

    Even though he said you might have a chance dating him, if he was serious about it he'd ask you out or at least take the time to find out where you stood. It seems like he's aware of your feelings but he may not return them, and wants to keep things friendly by dancing around the subject.

    If you really want to know ask him directly about whether or not he'd really consider dating you, let him know you've been confused about where the two of you stand and hopefully he'll let you know how he feels.