Weird dating experience?

I met what I think is an amazing woman we hang out at the same bar every Monday. I have her number we exchanged a few text. At first she was stand off ish then after 2 weeks of text we set a Saturday morning date and it was fun! Well I thought.

Sunday we shared a funny text about the date them Monday at the usual bar she was there with some other guy and she totally ignored me didn't acknowledge me never looked at me and she was like 10 feet away! Is she playing games I'm so lost.


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  • hi, i obviously can't completely understand your connection with her but my opinion is this, irrelevant of your texts and date the man she was with was most likely a date or a man with potential for her, if she had spoken to you if would of raised a question with this man and no doubt she wouldn't of wanted to say i was on a date with him Saturday. i would like to assume if you had gone into this bar with a female she would of shown you the same respect had you not acknowledged her... the harshest possibility in my mind is that she played this man card to deter you after your date, of course i have no idea what she is like, if i was you and you genuinely like her send her one last message that you would like to continue getting to know eachother but you dont want to go somewhere where the feeling is not mutual thats all you ask, a bit of respect here, then leave the response upto her... would i be correct that you are ready to go for a relationship in your life it the right person came along? do you feel she is at the same point as you? xx

    • Thank you here are more details. We have seen the guy before and it was obvious that they had at least a friendship going. When I first met her we clicked I ask was she single she was was I single we echanges number I told her I want to take her out. First time I tried to set a date she told me she will let me know and never got back to me. After a week I text her and she replied good to see me at the bar and followed w she isn't interested in romance. I replied that's cool let me know if you change your mind so I stopped talking to her for a week. Then at the bar again I didn't go to her area and act like I didn't notice her and left her alone. Then she called my name out and pushed her way through everyone to give me a hug and her eyes were different like she was attracted to me again... So 2 days after I gave it another shot and text her and she ask me to meet her Saturday. We had lots of fun and laughs etc. Sunday the little txts of the fun.

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    • well you shouldn't you have a depth of character and wanted to give her your time and if she doesn't get you then she doesn't deserve you its as simple as that, dont change you will attract the right person the universe will make sure of that xx

    • Thank you your a lot of help I'll get over it eventually I just can't comprehend the mind set. I'm trying to imagine going on a date and right after show up at a bar we always go too and just ignoring her. Even if I was with someone I would at least acknowledge her...

  • If she's playing games she's very immature.
    If she's not playing games she's a bitch.
    Either way what she did was not acceptable and you deserve better. She not worth your time

    • She's 24, educated, athletic, Christian, teacher, volleyball coach and it seems she has a really big heart she does volunteer work.

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