How much money do you need to make as an Asian looking guy per year in order to (details below)?

In order to get an attractive light skinned woman/white woman with regular round eyes to go out with you. I have noticed that white and black guys can be a 3 or a 4 in looks and they can pull off hot light skinned/white women but if you look Asian you need major money to have a shot. I am actually not Asian but Latino who looks Asian and this discourages me.

  • 60k/yr
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  • 70k/yr
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  • 85k/yr
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  • 100k/yr
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  • 120k/yr
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You girls are a bunch of gold diggers. I might as well limit myself to prostitutes.


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  • lol you are a loser


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  • It has nothing to do with money and everything to do with personality. I train martial arts and there are a lot of Asians there compared to the normal population and while I don't know most of them personally I would bet from their personality they do just fine with whatever races of women they choose to date.

    Regardless of what race you are, you attract women by being confident, fun, and having a strong masculine presence.


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  • Money makes no difference, and if it did then they like your money not you.


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  • Nah, no middle classed women give a shit about your money if you're ugly, I mean white women and not all Asian guys just when YOU are ugly

    • It seems like you are only screwed when you look Asian and don't have good looks though since I see ugly white and black guys pull it off.

    • Yeah it's kinda unfair. Blame their propagandas against Chinese and Russians.

    • I mean both whites and blacks have their medias to portrait their average men and women of other races as their trophy. Asian men are portrayed as nerdy ridiculous midget and idiots in their medias.