Does he like me?

So lately I went up to a hot guy I've been eyeing for a while at work and asked him to help with designing a pendant :) we emailed once and then met up at work. Then after that we chatted like alll of the time. He invited me to his house to learn about his favorite game. It was really fun and ended up being just me and him and his roommate and girlfriend.

We watched some anime and we sat next to each other and were touching legs the whole time but he never made a move. Well we were sitting by his roommate so maybe he didn't want them to see.

Anyway he likes me right? Should I just ask him out?

I ask because I thought my last crush liked me and he didn't so I'm trying to protect my heart so I am afraid to tell him how I feel 😳


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What Guys Said 1

  • Guys usually get bored fast if the girl is the one asking them out. They want to chase the girl and "win" her. Everything else makes her look easy. I'd let him make the move or at least wait until he makes it really obvious he wants you, too. He could be just too scared to ask.


What Girls Said 1

  • He probably likes you.

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