Why would she come back just to tell me she wants to be friends?

I went on a few dates with this girl, we had some naked fun but not full sex. I know she is not the one and started to distance myself from her, as I know she wants to be in relationship with me.

I avoided her for her birthday. She acted like it's not a big deal then I haven't heard from her since.

She text me out of the blue telling me how she didn't contact me is because she likes me but she doesn't want a relationship. She said she wish we met under different circumstances where we could have be friends and have more fun.

What does she want? She obviously wanted relationship before as she tried to see me for her birthday? does she want me as friends with benefit? Or desperate enough to try to keep me and pretend she doesn't want relationship?


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  • May be she just wants you in her life? She is happy to take whatever you can give?

    • Too good to be true...

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  • It sounds pretty much as you described it; she wanted something with you. By not attending her birthday, you made it clear that you're not interested, and from that point on it sounds like she just wanted a friend with benefits.

    • Does it mean she definitely don't want a relationship now?

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    • Well, I can't answer that for you. But I will say this: women CAN (and some will) play with you in those sorts of ways. Again, you have doubt, and if you're the one interested this time, then bring it up with her and clear the air.

    • I know I don't want a relationship with her. When we were dating she was happy to please me in bed without going all the way. She also didn't really expect me to do anything to please her.

      This time around I'm not sure if being a friends with benefit with her would get me any real sex.

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  • She texted you and said you likes you, but doesn't want a relationship. You should have immediately texted her back. No problem I don't either, come over. How she answered that would have pretty much answered your question lol.

    At this point, who knows, it kind of sounds like she's looking for a fuckbuddy. There's clearly a reason she texted you out of the blue like that.

    • I did and she said she is busy now. She told me she likes me and she just have commitment phobia.

    • God, she kinds sounds like a bit of a mess, might be best to just let this one go.

    • Commitment phobia means no string sex? Lol

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