How do I get over a girl that's one of my best friends?

I've known this girl for about a year now, I met her through a mutual friend and the three of us always hang out. But a few months after knowing her, i started to catch feelings for her, and as the time went on they grew. I really like her a lot and she knows it, unfortunately she texted me a couple of nights ago saying she doesn't feel the same way, after I confronted her about my feelings (before that she knew I liked her, just didn't know how much). And I've been trying to get over her for a while, and have been having a hard time. I don't know if its because I see her as much as I do, or if its because she can kinda be a bit of a tease. Ex. Grabbing my ass/smacking my ass, and having me do the same thing, just seeing her look at me at random and either smile or laugh, and just plain touching me randomly, and trying and have me touch her, like for instance she grabbed me by the wrist the other night and tried to have me grab her boobs. I feel like all this is making it really difficult to get over her. The only problem is that I don't wanna cut her off cause we are such good friends. I try to have interest in other girls but it seems like she's the only girl i want. I feel like finding someone else can help me but I feel like it's a challenge to even have any interest in anyone else anymore.


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  • Tell her to stop being a tease/inappropriate towards you. She sounds like an attention whore and she is obviously using her sexual appeal for attention.

    • Do you think thats all it'll take to get over her?

    • and she only does it to me, i don't mind it, but i feel like she is using the fact that i like her as leverage. and she knows ill give her the attention she wants.

    • Next time she try's to do something like that be like " nah " I'm sorry it gets awkward when u do that.. Unless u stop this i can't be friends with u and if she doesn't care about ur friendship. leave her tht instant. A good friend would try to have their friends in anything but uncomfortable situations

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  • In this spot right now actually. Best advice I got from friends was to create distance. Maybe you can be buddy-buddy later, but right now you need to emotionally detox and go find someone else that'll like you back.

    • did it work of you?

    • I found someone that likes me back, and I really like her and how things are going there. But I'll be honest, not back up to 100% emotionally, because I'm not getting the space I need from my best friend. I haven't told her I like her though, so she doesn't get why I'm distancing myself... Should probably talk to her about it at some point :P

    • yeah it would proabably be best to tell her. Like if i do distance myself shed realise why i did, since i told her how much i like her.

  • I had the same problem.

    The only way I can do it, is cutting off all communication with her. It hurts too much to think about her.

    This was 5 years ago. Now, I don't feel anything towards her.

    • but how long did it take to get over her?

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    • She didn't. I guess after I expressed my feelings for her she got creeped out or maybe it was just too awkward. I'm sorry we don't share that problem. But it sounds to me like 1 of 2 things is going on:
      1. she DOES like you, and she was too shy to admit it but now she regrets it and is trying to win you back.
      2. she's playing mind games and manipulating you for attention and power over you.

    • well all that stuff happened before i told her how i felt. but we still talk. and get along just as well. my problem is that its hard just being her friend, especially when she acts like she likes me.

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