He texts me everyday and asked me out a few times, does he like me?

Hi there, I could use some thoughts here.

This guy I work with (we are both single), different departments but we would see each other and exchange small talks almost everyday at work. We went for coffee and lunch a couple of times (he initiated) and enjoyed it so much we would talk non stop. We kind of had this mutual understanding that our meet-ups are better kept secret even though we didn't explicitly tell each other so.
Recently I gave him my number, he started texting me everyday. He is extremely busy (senior management position but not my direct boss) but would text me whenever he has the time, day, night, at work, off sick, on business trip, at the airport, hotel, you name it, which did make me feel a bit comfortable at first but doesn't bother me now, we still have great non-stop conversations in person. He shared with me about his secrets, his dreams and so on which he told me he wouldn't be able to share with anyone else. He asked me out for a coffee this weekend again and suggested we do that often.

Does he like me romantically? Do you think he is thinking of dating me? Normally I would be able to tell if a guy likes me, but this guy he only has work, and perhaps no close friends he can talk about things like he talks to me so I am not sure if I am more of someone he trusts and can confide in.

Thoughts please! Thank you so much.

Just wanted to add that he would always ask about me too, not all about him, like if I am well, how my day was, what I like, my hobbies, my dreams etc.


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  • Tips:
    1. If a guy asked you out, it's definitely one of the most obvious signs that he is interested in you.
    2. If he asked about your day or what you like, he is also interested in you and these are the most obvious signs.
    3. I'm sure that he is interested in you and wanting to date you but it's still unsure if he really loves you because only when you date, then he will really know what he feels.


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  • I think you should go out and try to feel it out yourself. If he opens doors for you, constantly smiles and responds back to you then there's a big chance he is interested romantically. Also be sure to read his body language.

    • yes he always does that, opens doors, smiles, laughs, looks at me dearly, tries to touch me (nothing explicit, just touched my back and arms gently as we were entering a restaurant for example)

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    • Anytime! If you ever need to talk, just shoot me a message. Always glad to help out ;)

    • Awesome! Thank you so much for your help :)

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  • Umm Honestly this literally looks completely obvious. He likely wants to date you and likes you. I honestly dont put that much effort in, if i am not interested.


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  • er... i'm no sure whether he's romantically in love with u, yet haha. but he's definitely interested in u ;)

    • Hey, thanks for your quick response. That's nice to hear :)

    • haha no problem! hope u guys can progress!

    • Aww I hope so too!