Girls, I'm just confused whether if she likes me or am I thinking too much?

Basically we just know each other for probably 2 months and we study and work in the same place and recently, we got abit closer to each other after work and we had dinner together alone for 2 times and we talked and laugh at each other and mostly she would say what happened during the work and i will laugh. After dinner, while waiting for her parents to fetch her, she tapped me rapidly on my arms and said, let's go to the gallery and watch planes depart and landing so we did. Till then until both of us have reached home, i texted her to check if she has reach home and we chat for about like 1 hour non-stop and she will reply me very quick as in less than a minute and that lasted for an hour. The last message i text her was " I go and sleep first, Don't stay up too late. See you tomorrow then and nights!" and she replied " okay see ya with a 3x hand bye emoji" without saying nights to me and i feel like she doesn't like me and i wonder if that is true. We would also walked closely to each other and for today she finally tapped me like touches me and i wonder if that's a sign and i'm thinking of asking her out for another dinner tomorrow after work. Do you think that she might likes me or am i just thinking too much? what are the signs to look out for if she likes you? No matter what, if a girl likes you will she say nights to you even when you have already said it?


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  • Yes. It's clear that she likes you and interested.
    Signs of likes depends on the type of girl she is.

    • But she doesn't say nights to me even when i said it to her and this give me mixed feelings. But may i know how you know she likes me based on what i write above?

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    • Try to be the last one to reply so the next start will be her turn.
      Give her some space. Let her take her own time to text you back.
      She most loose interest from you if you text her too much. Be Patient and good luck.

    • Thanks for the tips. Will do!

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  • Boy she didn't say good night because like that would be awkward. Seems like she's getting feelings for ya