How do I be more confident?

I have awful self confidence. I just feel like no girl would ever want to hook up with me. I feel like some sort of leopard because it seems like every time I try to get with a girl I fail? I'm good looking ripped and funny. But my self confidence is in the toilet. How do I fix that. I literally cry at least once a week because I'm so hard on myself


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  • It won't always fail. You never know what the future brings. Just keep trying.
    Think positive and be strong you're a guy.
    You need to love yourself first. Good luck.

    • How do I love my self when I'm constantly a failure

    • You need to remove the "failure" from you're mind first. Nothing is impossible and NEVER GIVE UP. Keep trying: Storm doesn't last forever.
      I know it's hard; sometimes I've that feeling too and then I reassure myself that I'm better then many doesn't matter what others say about me or how many rejects me. I know my strengths.
      Be brave you are a guy. Just give it a try and get over it. Practice and experience makes perfect. And it will take time, give it some time to happen. You better not expect things to happen immediately.

    • But how do I be more confident

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  • Fucking shit man, you aren't confident because you are sitting there saying "no girl would ever want to hook up with me" Instead you need to say every girl wants to hookup with me. Seriously, its that easy, just fake it till you make it.

    • Yeah but how can I have that mindset when I get shot down by every girl north of texas

    • Like I said, fake it if you have to. Its not going to happen overnight, but you need to figure out how to get out of your head and don't go into an interaction with a negative mindset. If you talk to a girl thinking she's going to shoot you down, the entire way you talk and act will reflect that and women will notice. If you walk up knowing she's going to give you her number you will act and talk differently and be way more interesting and attractive.

      Essentially you can't get bummed out if you get rejected, the girl owes you nothing and there's a million reason why she might not be interested, she might have a boyfriend, she might have herpes you have no idea so don't worry about it. In one ear and out the other and on to the next.

    • How do I fake it. I don't know how?

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