Guys, would you like it if the girl does the first move?

Would you feel uncomfortable if a girl does the first move?

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  • I would LOVE that. Just by making that one tiny gesture, that would automatically put her above all of the girls who expect me to make the first move.

    • thanks for sharing your opinion, but its that I am dating a very shy guy who has been my friend for a long time and usually he isn't shy. We are dating from pretty soon and I do not know what to do. Would i make him feel uncomfortable if I go up to him and (for example) hug him tomorrow at school or I should not risk it wait for him to do something? I know it may sound stupid but... I just do not know what to do

    • If he is the shy type, initiating might be your only option. I don't think there would be any harm in a hug.

  • Of course not.
    It might be odd at first since that thing doesn't usually happen since girls generally just refuse to do it. But it's refreshing, a pleasant surprise.

    • so you say that its a pleasing surprise, but you would not like it? by the way thanks for sharing your opinion

    • I didn't say I wouldn't like it.