Why am I like this?

I always feel someone is going to hurt me or im in danger, or sonething is going to be taken away from me. I also feel worthless most of the time..


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  • Maybe you have been hurt in the past and it really affected to the extent that you feel everyone is out to hurt you? I think you would benefit from talking to someone professionally. But for now, I think you need to see life as taking risks. Things may not work out, you may get hurt but then you could also be amazingly happy if it does work out. Either way you can't sit at home all day cause it's safe. You will make yourself feel more ill.

    In regards to feeling worthless, you need to look at you and think about what you like about yourself. Learn to laugh at yourself and take it all so seriously

  • You just feel paranoid, have you talk this with professional. by the way u should go to professional coz this paranoid things could make you sick.

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