Does he have feeling or not?

I've known this guy since i was in a crib, our families are super close and his parents adore me. He is 9 years older than me and shows me a lot of signs of interest. He hugs me every time i see him (embracing hugs that might linger for a few seconds), he playfully teases me a lot and we have playfights/tries to tickle me almost every time we meet. he always keep eye contact every time we talk and we talk about personal stuff a lot, he even said out of the blue that he "wants to have another child in the future". I catch him staring at me a lot and when I look at him and he starts smiling. He always laugh at my stupid jokes and he looks at me for validation when he tells a joke, plus he always try to show of around me. He gives me a lot of compliments and tries to test the space between the two of us (keeping his face ex 4 inches from my face) etc.

however, he never seem to contact me and he has not tried to make a move, and once he said I was like a sister ( he said it almost over 2 years ago though). He asked me if I was going to see a concert to which he added that i should go cause he is going to go, but when we where there he started talking to other people and left me in the company of another friend... he was talking to everybody except me, and a lot of them were girls. I no longer know what to think about this guy, I really like him but I'm starting to question if he really views me in that way, even though m, y gut tells me he might feel attracted. I would appreciate any kind off comments on this. what do you guys think? might he have some feelings or not? I'm confused..


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  • 1) he is a player and wants to keep you on the side
    2) he likes you but because of your history and age difference doesn't want to seem like a creep.

    From the concert, I would guess 1 but I'm not sure about that.


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