What do you think about private relationships?

my boyfriend and i is having one currently. like no one else other than both of us knows that we are actually in a relationship. and i think its pretty good tbh because if we keep posting pictures of each other on social media, it might become awkward when we break up or anything goes wrong. also, i dont like it when people keep pestering me about my relationship (like how its going and all the details). and another reason why i like my rs to be private is because i have really judgmental friends who will probably judge the hell out of my boyfriend and make me feel bad. thus, no one actually knows about us. but these days I've been getting paranoid becuase he's always texting and calling girls. i know they're just friends but the girls might get the wrong idea and think he's single? what are your thoughts. personally I don't know what to do.


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  • I feel the exact same way. I've been with my boyfriend for 6 months and only my closest friends and family know. Neither of us see the point in putting on Facebook because everyone who needs to know, knows.

    All my friends though are pestering me to put it up with such stupid excuses like "it'll be way less awkward when you see your ex around college if he knows your in a relationship"... I'm like what the hell, that doesn't make any sense? Lol.

    I'm sure your boyfriend would tell those girls he's talking to that he's in a relationship. You should talk to him about it if you are insecure and I'm sure he'll reassure you. Good luck!

    • thank you !!! and no, he doesn't tell those girls that he's in a relationship. i guess he finds it unnecessary.

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