After rejection?

I'm really in love with this girl, i started talking to her like start of July,
got her phone number we really talked a lot. I was getting to much hope that we could become something more, in September i told her about my feelings but she rejected me. She said she really wanted to stay friends. i see her every day at work but when i come home i just miss her, i dont enjoy any activities anymore, thinking about texting her but only words that will come are 'i miss you' & 'i love you' ... She's one of the sweetest girls I've ever met, and my mind says i want this girl or i want nobody. Should i keep trying or just give up? i dont really wanna give up...


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  • Rejection is painful so why set yourself up only to be rejected again. You shouldn't have to chase her affections , if she isn't willing and eager to give it , then I wouldn't keep pursuing her.


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  • I think you should move on and find someone else to date. There's plenty of other girls out there besides her.


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  • -You aren't in love but infatuated.
    -Talking kills attraction. You go in quick and escalate to sex or/make your intention know or you'll never be seen as the lover.
    -You are friend zoned. She will never see you as anything more as a friend and best you will get is being her back up man if she finds herself in her late 20's and is desperate needing someone to wife her up.

    Move on and learn from mistake.
    -Do not talk and be a girls textnig buddy. Get a date and/or message her to meet face to face and spend time with her. Be flirty, touch her. Make it known you want to be seen as the lover and not the friend.