How do we troll these sloots in our res hall?

>Friend took a girl out
>He got really fcked up and just randomly decided to walk home LMAO
>Left her stranded out there
>They went no contact on him.. we see them in the chow hall and they give us dirty looks
>We start laughing our asses off
>Turns out I already fcked one of their friends lmao. She was with them and gave us a dirty look as well.
>They never responded to texts.. w0t do?

  • Fuck their friend again
  • Throw your egg whites at them in the chow hall
  • Show them your rear gloot spread.
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What Girls Said 2

  • If this were a game with prizes, I'd think the grand prize could only be awarded for a "double revenge fuck".
    Because... well, the whole concept of revenge-fucking is just weird nonsense to me. (It just doesn't make *sense* to me. The boy you're trying for "revenge" on, isn't even involved in it... and you'll probably just end up embarrassing yourself, more than anything else.) So, I'd say it can pretty much be open trolling season on anyone who actually DOES buy into that concept.

    So, like... let's say Mandy is the girl you've already been with, and Brandy is the girl yr friend has already been with.
    I would only award you the grand prize if you can engineer the situation so that Brandy revenge-fucks YOU, and Mandy revenge-fucks HIM. Maybe even at the same time (so that one of you could totally make a FaceTime call to "tool" the other one, like, "hahah I'm fucking yr girl"... until they see who's on the other end of the line mahah)

    The fact that everyone has already seen everyone else in the chow hall just adds extra bonus points to this particular jackpot.

    (If they DON'T do revenge fucks, then they're actually decent people and you shouldn't fuck with their heads.)

    • Lmaoo. That would be so fcking satisfying if we could pull that off.

  • Did you try apologizing?

    • Baha are we beta now?

    • Oh my... lol I'm sure if you said I'm sorry everything would be cool. "Just say I'm sorry we didn't know we were forsure supposed to leaving together. We didn't feel too hot so we just decided to leave early. We didn't want to take you from the party"

What Guys Said 1

  • This looks like a 4chan green text post.

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