I feel anxious, angry and p! ssed at world and women, please help me :( ?

I am 26 and I never had a girlfriend, i was overweight since 2 years ago so never got any attention from women.

Now i lost weight and i get a lot of attention from women, and i approach them but when it comes to sex, i just feel anxious because im a virgin, I feel like im going to get busted and she will just dump me.

Also i feel angry at the world and specially at women because i never had a girlfriend and i always wanted a girl whose 1st boyfriend will be me, and now women at my age already have 7-8 bfs and i feel as if they are sl^ts because they have already been used,

I know this feeling is wrong but i can't help it, please help me.

  • You must go to counselling and some therapy.
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  • Dude, life is never fair to anyone, you were fat and now u worked on yourself and u became slim and start getting attention, focus on the present, stop dwelling on the past and focus on present and future.
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  • Others (please comment)
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  • It's ok to be honest and tell someone you never done it. I think a girl might be thrilled to take your virginity. Or you can fake it until you make it. Have confidence... if its not perfect blame it on nerves. Sometimes the first couple of times suck anyway until you get to know each others rhythms.


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  • I had a similar situation, was fat from 11-14, then got fit, then got really fit. Now it's all attention.
    Just go for an 18-20 year old, plenty of virgins left there. That's why I don't date girls my age, they're all either used, jaded, have a kid, or any combination of the three.


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  • you need counseling and therapy, which seems useless to me because its just, your giving someone money to listen to you. to hear the problems you know you had.
    i'd say change your thinking

    • to hear the problems you know you have*

    • How should i change my thinking?
      People at my age get married and i havnt even had a gf?
      Dont u think im steaming pile of dog sh! t?
      I feel im good for nothing, i havnt even got laid once in my life

    • thats totally ok man.
      im 25 and i never been laid before too. im a virgin, but that doesn't mean im a loser or something like that.
      you are just overthinking it too much, i understand that you want a girl who's virgin. and its hard to find a girl who is virgin and is around your age. so just take a chill pill man, and join any dating site and wait for the right girl.

  • If it was okay for us guys to be needy and desperate then very likely I probably would not have so much resentment that guys have to be the initiators

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