What should my next move be?

We dated for about 2 months. We were friends first so things moved a little fast and In the beginning he was super affectionate and sweet but then things started tapering off a bit. There were definitely moments where he still was but he always seemed a bit hesitant. And to be fair I probably was too. I think we are both still a little heartbroken over exes (even though it happened a couple of years ago for both of us) and the idea of actually liking and dating someone again is scary. Instead of talking to him about this He took it as us having the talk because it seemed like I was initiating everything and I wanted to know how he felt. He said he didn't want anything serious and I don't know that I'm ready for that yet either. Anyways I got frustrated and upset and ended up deciding to be friends but that's not really what I want and there have been a couple signs that he didn't want that either. I just wanted clarification about the not initiating part. We have talked in about 2 weeks and I miss him but I'm not sure what to do... do I try to explain the miscommunication around the talk we had? Do I leave it alone? Do I tell him I miss him? Or? (Neither of us are super experienced in dating. We each have had one serious relationship)


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  • It sounds like at this point your old friendship is gone, so I see no reason why you shouldn't reach out and try to get things back on some sort of track here.


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