How many dates do you go on before you initiate "the talk"?

4th date and he has already planned like 10 future dates with me lol. We had sex for the first time last night. so we've done the most you can do physically. Odds that we'll have this conversation?


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  • I've already read your similarly worded question down the page a bit. I mean that's a shit load of dates. If I'm not more on a hang-out status with a girl at that point I wouldn't keep just taking her out. I certainly wouldn't try to take a girl on 10 god damn dates, that's excessive. I

    f you want to know where you stand and you are already intimate than talk to him. Its not a bad thing to ask him what he wants and if he wants to be serious with you or just keep going out to dinner and playing mini-golf for the rest of eternity.

  • You're on the right track in my opinion.


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