Does he like me?

There is a guy im really into and he is giving mixed signals. He is always making me laugh and smiles at me a lot. I catch him staring pretty often and whenever we do anything he always sits really close to me. He also is always trying to find a way to touch me. Like he will "accidentally" grab my hand for a few seconds or brush his shoulder on mine. He wants me to help him with projects a lot and is always really nice to me. BUT I have asked him out once, had friends hint to him to make a move and he always denys that he likes me. My friends some include guys say that he likes me. If he does why won't he make a move? And does it sound like he even likes me?


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  • Yes, it sounds like he likes you from those first paragraphs. Nobody does those "accidental" things out of the blue.

    When you asked him out, what happened? Did he accept? How did it go?

    • He said no politely and I was with friends and he quietly said I dont have feelings for her to my friends blushed and walked away.

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    • In those ages, people tend to mix feelings, and they make up feelings where they don't exist. And the physical sensations can send mixed signals to themselves creating awkwardness.
      I guess you'll just have to let time pass, and see what happens. If you want it, pursue it, but if it's not corresponded, don't push it. I'm sure you'll forget it in no time.

    • Ok thank you.

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    There aren't really any similarities between my boyfriend and my dad and I would rather the guy I dated didn't act the way my dad did so I dunno, I don't think so.
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    Its a bonus if your mom likes a girl your dating, In the pas my mom has helped avoid making massive mistakes with women who can only be described as trainwrecks about to go off the track, and she has been proven right every time.
    Women are funny when it comes to dating and most though they never admit it want their families approval above all their Dad's, or in the case of a lot of high school and college girls their Dad's disapproval. A black buddy of mine said he used to have a problem before he got married when he was dating white waspy girls as often they weren't interested in him but more to piss off their Dad's and if their Dad's didn't care about her dating a black guy and they got ok together he got dumped, he said most whote girls date black men so they can say they dated black, so they can say they ain't racist, relieve their "white guilt", piss off their parents, make an ex jealous and as fashion statement.


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