Is it healthy to have a crush on a girl for 4 years (and counting)?

So, it was the 6th grade. There was this girl who treated me very nicely and guess what? I developed a crush. Now I'm in 10th grade and I still have a crush on her, but fortunately I have no classes with her. I have been trying really hard to get over her but I can't, no matter how hard I try. When I walk home with my friends they bring her up and I keep telling them not to bring her up or mention her name but they still do that. I feel it's slowly eating away at me and I feel like I'm about to explode if I don't do something soon.

Is it healthy to have a crush for 4 years (and counting)?

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If you can, offer some advice please. Thank you.


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  • Well, seems like it's more than just a crush. But what's the problem? She doesn't like you or what?

    • It's more my fault. I guess nervousness. Though I think she began to notice because now she takes glances at me when I'm not staring. And then she avoids eye contact when I'm near her, so I'm confused.

    • Haha sounds like she likes you too

    • Don't avoid her if you care about her! Maybe she likes you too, you can't tell if you don't try. By the way I used to be in similar situation, I had a crush on someone for many years, actually I still feel same about this person, it's almost 6 years... I always used to listen to this song... the lyrics relate me

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  • Ask her out! Life is too short. You have nothing to lose. If she doesn't feel the same way about you, at least you'll have closure.


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  • You need to tell her how you feel and get this over with

  • It's all about finding an activity to get your mind off her. Sports, video games, volunteering, getting a part time job, finding a good book to read, drugs. I just thought of that in 5 seconds to get my mind off girls.