I can't wrap my my mind around it?

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I am friends with this girl who i thought liked me maybe she does but i dont know i have started to spend a lot of time with her she has spent lots of time with my family i know about her life and we have long conversations about everything and it gets personal but then the next day she just treats me like an acquaintance as if none of that stuff ever happened look i get it if she friendzoned me but to get this involved in my life and then act like this just drives me up the wall it really does i also feel like she only shows me one side of herself because she is always going out with her friends on the weekends and i get the snapchats and its not the girl i've been hanging out with 4 times a week its some other person she also won't drink around me she drinks with everyone else in my friend group but if i go out with her she won't order drinks like she's afraid or something I don't know any advice its driving me nuts i also am attending a concert with her she is going as my plus one to a friends party and is going away with me for a weekend to visit my sister so i dont know whats going on


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  • She just considers you a friend. Just because she had long conversations with you and she met your family, it doesn't necessarily mean she is interested in you.


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  • Let me try and help. It sounds like your her confidant freind. Your the guy that she talks with. After she talks with you she kind of gets scared and pulls away. Maybe she was hurt in the past before maybe not. She won't drink with you because you might bring up something personal that you two talked about.

    Unless she shows other signs of liking you. I think that she just values you as a freind that she can talk to about stuff. If you like her well that might not go to well. Women usually hate it when that happens because they feel betrayed that you would think that way about them. Why well for a lot of reasons and for several personal ones that they will come up with.
    Just be her freind unless she strongly says otherwise. She probably is showing you only one side of herself for what ever reason she has.

  • She probably is just ur friend. If she's not trying to be with you.

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