How much do you text after a first date? And is it a big deal if he didn't respond?

So I went on a great first date last night, he was cute and we seemed to have a lot of chemistry. We kissed and even got a little steamy (not sex just making out, feeling up and so fourth.) He dropped me off at home, we stayed out most of the night and it was about 5AM when he dropped me off. After he dropped me off he sent me a couple of texts before he fell asleep. The texts weren't about the date or anything he was just teasing me about an earlier conversation. He text me when he woke up and we maybe exchanged 10 texts back and fourth over a few hours but he stopped replying after my last text which was about five hours ago.

Logical me says this is fine. That it's natural not to text all day after one date. Anxious me is upset and wondering why he just stopped texting all of a sudden. What are your opinions? How much do you text the day after a first date?


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  • He texts. The day after. Them's the rules.

    • But how much texting is normal the day after? Should you be texting all day?

    • The day after, he should text. then go from there.

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  • Why would you be upset? People have other stuff to do during the day, they cannot text all the time.