Sent my guy a pic of me in bikini,, and his response?

So this guy I seen few times, we made out last time we met. I sent him my selfie few days ago and he's been asking me to send him another picture (not dirty one).
today I sent him a picture of me with cleavage showing, the bra looked more like a top
i thought his response would be like winkie emoji or you look hot or something but his response was
'Oh nice I like your top'
and guys I'm C my cleavage looks hot in that pic.. lol
... Well few minutes later he asked me if I'm free on tue but when I replied him yes there no more talk happened further..
what is going on with this guy


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  • Guy says he likes your top and ask you out for tues night! Tmrw!

    Girl not satisfied with response! What's wrong with THIS GUY she says!!!

    Well, he's with someone who's reading into things to much.


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  • He doesn't want to be seen as a pervert.


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  • I don't see anything wrong, except that he may not be too into texting.

    He asked you out after the picture = he liked the picture.

  • He sounds respectful, don't worry though nothing to be frightened by, you might not be use to these kind of guys but they're out there lol.


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