How do you get girls when you live In a rural area with no malls or major stores where the average is about 50 years old?

I'm in activities where I live, I mountain bike and hike along with water activities as well but I live in a rural area and cannot leave for personal reasons at the moment,( I like where I live as well), the area is mostly people who are retired or who are older, there are no major stores as well, I am happy and have a great life, I like living here as well and like I said before could not leave at the moment if wanted to, I just want to know if I can get any tips or help, I'll be able to move in about 5 years but like I said I really like where I live, my only problem is finding a girl to be my significant other, I don't want to be the boy that stays alone and it can happen considering the area I live in. so any help? I don't like cities either, I grew up in one and I just don't like it at all, it's just not my thing. Also my age is 30 years old, don't go by what it says, I have never had a girlfriend as well.


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  • Ouch, you have no choice then, it's either you relocate and enjoy city life and city Girls or stay there and date 50+ old ladies... Very simple


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