Any tips on how to start dating?

I have been single for the past 5 years!
I finally feel ready to start a real relationship with someone, but i have no idea how to do this or where to meet any potentials. I also haven't really done the dating thing since my ex boyfriend in like 2011.
One of my problems is that i'm still studying with people that are much younger than me and i don't make guy friends easily.
your help will be much appreciated! :)


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  • Unless you just want a hook up, find something you love to do that involves groups of people, like Habitat for Humanity. You have a much better chance of meeting someone with the same heart and the same goals as you.


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  • technically, you can meet your future boyfriend just about anywhere
    if you think the guys in your school are too young for you, then you should branch out elsewhere. but i wouldn't completely knock out the possibility of dating someone from your school.
    just be approachable, have small talk and see what happens

    there's online dating too. but personally not a fan. people treat it too much like a candy store plus, i prefer revealing myself in layers. you can't really do that online.

    • I would consider myself approachable... But I'm also always on a mission around campus 😓 but you make a valid point...

      I'm interested about this layers thing too.. Care to elaborate? I sometimes think I share too much too soon. Not very mysterious

    • online often forces you to share a lot about yourself all at once
      for me that's overwhelming
      a lot of the stuff they ask you to post would normally take me at least a couple dates to reveal
      plus, the stuff they want you to post doesn't even go to your values a lot of the time
      it just doesn't feel natural

    • That's true. It's too easy to get caught up.

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  • Well, online dating is Usually the go to
    but not websites like tinder. you gotta use match. com for somethings serious

    If you have friends, ask them if they know any single guys that they can introduce you too.

    Its really hard to start dating after not dating for so long, I wish you the best of luck

    • Thank you. Maybe I can try the blind date thing. I'm abit hesitant to try online dating tho. 😔

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    • Too afraid to try it lol </3
      My friends urge me to make a tinder account... But I am not that kind of guy. I would much rather approach the girl in person and start from there

    • I'm also afraid yea

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