He's just out of a long term relationship and I need advice?

I'm hanging out with someone who is just out of a long term relationship, and I don't know how to act. I know he doesn't know what he wants right now so I'm taking a step back. I really like him but also don't want to overwhelm him as he's just recently single. We hung out with mates and he asked for my number and I said no, your just single and we can hang out whenever all our friends get together. He contacted me anyway and we've been on a few dates. But I feel like I'm being very cold and clinical to him, I don't mean to I just have had someone rebound on to me before and they cheated repeatedly and broke my heart. What do I do here? I really am attracted to him and he's really sweet.


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  • If you like him don't be cold. His heart was broken and it won't take much to break it again.

    I know you risk being a rebound, but relationships are a risk. If he is worth the risk, go for it. If he is not worth the risk, leave him alone.


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  • In my experience people who end a relationship , especially a long term one, and immediately start a new one are trying to ease their pain and are rarely ready to commit again soon. If you feel like this is the case you may want to back off for now.

    • I genuinely don't know I told him he wasn't rebounding on to me, he said he's had a rebound thing, I don't message him first because I think if he wants to contact me he would, but I don't want him to lose interest?

    • You can't force things. You can take the chance to see what happens, but you need to go slowly and see how he handles the bond with you...
      When did he end that relationship?

    • I'm not sure I asked a mutual friend, and she said at least 3 months, he told me he saw it coming and they hadn't slept together in a month before it, I don't want to pry into it because I don't feel comfortable doing it. To be honest this feels like it's going to be hard work and not fun and it's boring me already. Not trying to be mean but I agree he needs his space, but I can't be hanging about while he decides what he wants :/

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  • tell him how you feel. tell him you like him but you want to take things slowly so no one gets hurt

  • Do not get serious with him too soon. Keep your distance

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