🤔Scenario question, put yourself in my shoes ladies and gentlemen and give your answers, please?

Okay imagine if a guy/girl came into your job like every other day, let's say you worked at a restaurants or fast food place and this person came in every other day to eat but that was just an excuse, somehow you felt and knew you mentally they just wanted to see you. One day they pulled you to the side or handed you a note admitting their feelings & attraction to you, but you turned them down because...

Let's just say because personal reasons, maybe they were ugly or weird or a nationality you don't really date.

how would you feel if they suddenly stopped coming in to your job to see you or let's just say they've slowed down in showing up so much.

Would you you suddenly wonder where they've gone?
would it even cross your mind?
Would you be happy or sad?
wpuld you regret turning them down?🤔

  • I would wonder what happened to them
  • I would assume there found someone else
  • I would think they don't like me anymore?
  • I might regret turning them down, they might've been fun to be with
  • I might secretly miss them, it's nice to be wanted by someone else, ugly or beautiful
  • I probably wouldn't give two shits😤
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  • I would wonder what happened to them


What Guys Said 1

  • I'd figure they went somewhere else. I'd probably think it was a little odd. Like something straight out of 1984.

    • 1984?🤔 Explain please? Lol random year

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    • I never read it but I'll definitely look into it

    • @Asker it's a good book, but that's only a small element. It is not in any way a love story so don't go into it expecting that. Expect a dystopian novel