🤔They say "it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all." Do you agree or disagree?

πŸ€”They say "it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all." Do you agree or disagree?

Personally I disagree!

I disagree cuz life seemed normal and casual before that person walked into my life, when this person came to my world, everything felt... simply AMAZING! The love making, the fights, the gifts, but most of all this person introduced me to a life I never knew existed. The suddenly BOOM! she's gone... Now life goes back to being boring and dull and casual. The break ups all happen so fast that you began to get this instant feeling that somethings missing, like a body part or limb or something, you have to go back to adjusting to never sharing the things on your mind and emotions and everything...

Now your just stuck with memories of what you once had... That desire to attain those feelings and moments again causes a person to do stupid crazy things that land them in trouble or getting labeled as something your truly not...

The he way I see it is If I were in those shoes, I was better off before I met this person...

Agree or disagree?

  • I agree it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at al
  • I disagree it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at al
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  • Love is not that important. You'll see

    • Sounds like the talk of a widow or someone emotionally hurt or someone extremely who dislikes others

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    • @Asker Why did you selected me as MHO? LMAO

    • @Asker I completetly forgot about you

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  • Its hard to say.

    Never experiencing love probably makes you prone to depression but you will probably hover around the same range. Like on a happiness scale of 1-10, maybe you typically fall in the 3-6 range.

    However, the person who gets to experience love will probably experience higher highs but also lower lows. Being in love could bring them into the 9-10 range while losing it could bring them down to the 1-2 range. Althoilugh, they do have the benefit of being able to find love again and getting back into that 9-10 range.

    • The struggle is real. πŸ˜”

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  • Yea it's better to have love and lost than to never have loved at all. That love you once experienced will carry a lot of weight going forward

    • Only thing lost love has taught me over the years into not trust women and never expose my deepest feelings to anyone alive cuz they take advantage! They fuck you over and treat you like your stupid or weak or gullible easily played, it just makes me bitter towards super pretty bitches cuz their the ones more likely to cheat lol

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    • The pain of loss outweighs the plain of those pleasurable moments I once shared is what I'm trying to get you to understand

    • But the loss is short term. The experiences that will carry on with you for your whole life is priceless

  • I've loved and lost. It's like loving and loosing part of my family, and who wants no family for the fact that many will die before them?

    • You spend so much time trying to break out of that sadness and those mtmories, it's hard not to take your unhappiness out of the rest of the world... You wake up saying morning and I love you and miss you and suddenly you can't say it cuz no ones there... You leave the house upset, or depressed or hurt and alone... I don't want to experience those deviating emotions. I would rather not have them at all and I feel like in order to never have those negative emotions is to never had experience than in the first place

  • I agree with that statement and can also apply it to other things in life. It's better to pitch in the mlb and get rockes than never to pitch at all lol

    • Lol this guy

    • Hahaha I'm probably not someone you should ask anyways. I've never had a bad break up and was able to leave easily.

    • Heart of steel lol lets trade

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