He cheated on the love of his life with me and I lied to him so that he doesn't die from all the guilt. Will it ever be the same again?

I love him. Thats the first thing you need to know.
He wasn't some fling. We were best friends that did everything together and after a night of heavy drinking I made a move.. There has been some flirting in the past and I've always loved him so these feelings weren't out of the blue. I truly believed he liked me..

When I made my move he pushed me away at first but I kept going at it. He was drunk and vulnerable and I knew it. I feel horrible. I've said sorry a million times but the guilt was just too bad. He couldn't remember much so I told him nothing happened. We did make love.. I haven't slept or eaten in days.

Will he ever forgive me for taking advantage of him? I just don't want him to tell her because I don't want him to ruin his life for some desperate selfish bitch.


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  • He's still ultimately responsible. Drunk isn't a get out of jail free excuse. Your relationship with him is forever changed

    • This is succinct and 100% on target!

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    • @OlderAndWiser that's true but if you're so drunk you have a blackout you're not getting an erection. He still said no then relented

    • I don't let anyone off the hook for anything they do while intoxicated because intoxication is a state into which they delivered themselves freely and voluntarily.

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  • You didn't make love. You practically raped the dude and took advantage of him.


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  • I mean you were basically the main part of the home wrecking. So no it will never change.

  • He is probably going to be pissed but you should tell him anyways

    • I love him too much and I want to protect him

    • Listen, you were wrong and you know that. Continuing to do wrong is going to help. You can't make it right but doing the right thing now is still better.

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