What makes you wanna kiss a girl?

What urges you to want to kiss a girl? Her pretty face? (What if she isn't as pretty?) The way she smiles etc,...


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  • No..

    I don't know where you've heard that.. but that's all stupid advice that's going to make you needlessly insecure about yourself..

    You're going to end up being one of those girls who is acting & behaving weird next to the guy.. and doing weird stuff with her face..


    My urge to kiss a girl.. just pops up when I want to feel closer to her.. it's really that simple..

    It could be something stupid she's done.. or her acting silly.. or her being cute.. or me just missing her.. not that I need a reason to want to feel closer to her..

    but when I do wanna feel closer to her.. that's when I feel like I want to kiss her..

    So I think you should focus less on how you think you look or what you're doing with your face.. and more on building up a connection & closeness with whatever guy you might have in mind..


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