Guys, ADVICE I'M Stuck He acts so different? ?

Hi guys. So I'm gonna tell u about my situation so I need some good advice thanks. So basically there's this guy we talk to each on social media. But we never talk on college we are in the same class so how come he won't talk to me in college. Secondly why is he more shy when talking to me compared to other girls. And he wants to prove he likes me how would he do that thanks. please I need more advice in the 2nd question. please answer all though..


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  • why dont you talk to him first?

    • Yh but I thought he would first how would he prove it apart from telling me. any ideas

    • many guys want the girls to prove her interest first. because some guys always hope girls would be interested in him, and we are always interested. but it never turns out that girls want us, girls just want to be friends, and guys hate being shot down like that. so, thats why its important that a girl be forward about her feelings and desires with a guy first. not be waiting around acting all distant thinking guys have to do everything. because it just doesn't ever work like that.