She is really reaching here? What does she want?

I blocked and deleted a girl I used to love back in April. The reason I blocked and deleted her was because she started dating somebody new. It was an unfair situation as for 3 years she took every opportunity not to date me commit to me. There was always some excuse whether it be religion or school or her health. The brief time we saw each other she said she did not want to put a label on things and then she ended things to text message with me. I still remained supportive to her as she was dealing with some health issues. One day after we stopped seeing each other she went through my phone and got upset that I was messaging with other girls. I explained to her that she has to do is commit to me and give me a chance and I don't need to talk to anybody else. A few months after that she told me that she has a boyfriend now. So I decided to block her and delete her because I was not about to give her the benefit of my friendship when she denied me a relationship that I deserved for the previous three years. It has now been about eight or nine months and a few weeks ago I got a private missed call at 9 p. m. on a Saturday night. I did not think much of it but recently this week a random girl added me on Facebook. She only had one profile picture at that and no friends. She messaged me asking me questions about this girl and told me some negative stuff about her. Interestingly I never met any of her friends as I was driving an hour to go visit her and we always had plans for us to just go out. So it was very questionable that this random girl added me on Facebook saying she was a former friend of hers. My belief is that it was her pretending to be another girl to message me. I don't understand why she would do this and go to such lengths and measures. Why would she contact me in such a way and tell me negative stuff about herself?


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  • If a girl will not commit, then she's not fully interested in you. Why even deal with that for three years when it was clear you were not enough of an interest to her to make things official with you? It's like you said, she had excuses and she even said she didn't want to put label on anything, meaning she did not want to be tied down to you. You guys should have just been strictly friends. I mean, sometimes you just gotta get the hint. She's not interested.

    Now, for her to be upset that you were talking to other women through your phone was pretty lame. I mean, she can't have it both ways. She either wants you or she doesn't. There's no in between or having it both ways. So, it sounds like she only wanted you around when it was convenient or for a sense of comfort and something to fall back on.

    As far as deleting and blocking her just because she chose to date somebody else probably made you seem way overly sensitive. I mean, if she's dating somebody, just dust yourself off and not make it a big deal. There are so many other women out there besides her.

    Now, this person that suddenly contacted you, it's not for sure if she is that person or not. I can't say. But if it is her, the reason she's saying negative stuff about herself is in hopes to see if you'll defend her, or say some pretty nice things about her.

    Honestly, you both you have some weaknesses and strangeness, unless I'm just reading things wrong. But if she wants to get back into your life, she should just be straightforward instead of playing games.

    • The reason why I cut her off is because I thought she did not give me a fair chance but never trying to actually date me or put it up for me yet all the sudden three years later she give somebody else a chance. a lot of attacks on my manhood and I was not about to give her the benefit of my friendship when she had unfairly and unreasonably deny the relationship for 3 years

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    • If that's how she treated you, those are the girls to stay away from; ones that play games, waste your time, aren't completely clear or honest, and get jealous to where they expect you to stay a certain way and not live your life.

      When the right and mature girl is really interested in you, you will know without a doubt.

    • Yea and I just think she's pathetic for making this fake account

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  • Maybe she wants to know your opinion about her.


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  • I'm very sorry man, but some girls are just not meant to be.