I got a girl's number, now what?

So, although i'm 18, i've never really dated that much, the last girlfriend i had was 5 years ago and lasted two weeks, and i've only really been on one date, but recently at a party, i got a girl's number that i've liked for about two weeks, i'm terrible at over-the-phone conversations, and conversations in general, but i can't just keep wussing out with this sort of thing, so how would i go about asking this girl on a date? do i just go straight in with the question? do i need to just talk to her first and get to know her a bit? it's been two days since i got her number, and i haven't been able to talk to her or do anything but i feel i need to throw her a message soon, otherwise i think she'd loose interest. what do you recommend i do?


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  • Just call her and ask her out. It doesn't need to be some long convo. Good luck! And as cliche as it sounds, just be yourself!


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  • call her