Is he waiting for me to text/call?

So I met this guy and we texted the first 3 days. He started the first two and I started the 3rd one. Now, it's been 4 days and he still hasn't text me. The last text he sent me was goodnight :) . My guy friends always tell me that those smiley faces mean something but then again he could just be a happy person right? :) lol. Anyways, He texts me when he says he will and he says sorry when he takes too long to text back. All the guys I've talked to never do that. And he asked his friend about me. So I feel like he is interested but guys, what happened? Do you think he's actually waiting for me to text him first? And if so what should I text him?


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  • Yeah I have been there before when a guy texts you and you don't realize that he likes you until he actually tells you. Smiley faces do mean something if he uses them often (:-) or ;-) or ect). First, he likes you. Second, I don't think anything happen he probably just thought that he was texting you too much so he's giving you a break. One time this guy texted my four days straight. Then he didn't text me for a wk afterwards. I asked him why and he said that he thought that he was texting me too much and that I could have texted him. But the next text he sent me said that "he missed me" (awwww). Anyways you should text him. Just say "hello". Then he will be like "Hey, ect,". Ask how he has been. Good Luck!