Date ideas for after a long day at work (he can't come to my house)?

I've been dating this guy for a maybe a month now, and he wants to meet up tomorrow after he finishes work at 6pm, but we always seem stuck on what to do when we hang out, we just enjoy each others company and both say 'i dont mind' when asked what to do.
We have dinner a lot and i want to suggest something different, what would you guys like to do after a long day of work (besides sex or go to a bar lol) we live in the city so pretty much everything is available to do
Please someone help me come up with something! =)


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  • How about you check out a museum? Or maybe go mini golfing? Or even try rock climbing? Maybe take a pottery class? Something that is maybe out of what you would normally do.


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  • how about bowling, or mini golf. ya know, do something active, other than sex

    • they dont involve a lot of activity, like football or baseball might. but they're still fun and gets you exercising

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