Do Tinder and similar dating apps and websites work?

I used Tinder before for shits and giggles but I doubt that dating sites and apps actually work. Has anybody actually had any success using them?


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  • It depends on what you are looking for and what site you are using.

    Personally I was looking for a long term serious relationship and have found exactly that. Tinder is often used for hookups, but site like OkCupid or match have a different population.

    • How is the user interface?

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    • Nah I'm good LOL. I'm not looking, I wanted to know if they work from your experience.

    • I found the relationship i was looking for on OkCupid. I know quite a few marriages that started from a dating site. So yes they can work.

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  • it worked for me. i had 2 hookups but thats it


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  • If you have women throwing themselves at you in real life, online dating and apps will work for you.

    If not, you shouldn't bother. There are much better ways to use that time.

    • Lol I'm that guy that women talk to are close friends with but wouldn't date.

    • Besides I was asking if they worked from your experience. I'm not using them anymore.

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