Is it weird that I lust to lust for someone right now?

I feel so lonely right now. I thought that schooling would keep me busy and all the responsibilities would keep me so occupied that I wouldn't feel this way. If anything, it feels stronger than before.

There's nobody that I'm crushing on or find so attractive in personality/appearance that I would want to pursue them in a relationship. It's not even that I have somebody to think about. I just don't have anybody that I like in that way.


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  • Well my dude there's always friends with benefits. You gotta do something to keep yourself preoccupied. I'm sure you reel in couple of girls. If your above 15 that is.

    • I'm sure I will too man, I guess I'm just impatient because I'm not feeling serious about anybody right now.

    • It happens man. 1) your at a stage where as girls are not serious anyway. 2) it's easy for me say not to feel impatient but what other options there are. You want to be heart broken? This world is crazy as it is and girls aren't going be serious until there hoe/slut years are up.

    • You're right.

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  • 😂😂😂😂

    • What?

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    • If my grades and scores get any higher, Harvard is going to be my safety school. I'm a college-bound high school senior.

    • Then stick to your goal and forget about girls

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  • Have you consider maturbating it's very good to relieve the pressure

    • No thank you, I think I've been doing this quite enough.