Now he doesn't want me to meet his parents?

I'm supposed to go see my boyfriend on November 4-13 and it was supposed to be at his house and to meet his parents. Supposed. Now yesterday night he said he didn't want me to come stay at his house because he feels our relationship is headed down the wrong path.

He raised some valid and true points, but I didn't understand why it would make him not want me to meet his folks. We haven't spoken much over voice or cam lately, but a few months ago I did say the coming months would be difficult and I'd be rather quiet. (Grandma dying, stressed family and family issues) - but we talk every single day, throw each other more than a 100 texts and such. But I understood that the lack of talk and such would weigh on our relationship. Though I wasn't the only one being busy. 3 days a week every week he'd be busy and he doesn't come home until 8 p. m every day, so we've both got stuff going on. I tried to emphasize that, but he didn't listen.

Just now I wrote him a message, saying that I felt he was wrong and that he was taking a step back. Because I'm not just his girlfriend of 6 years, I'm also his friend of 6 years. And him not wanting me in his house is hurtful.

Things are getting better for me, I got more time than before and yet I feel like he's trapped us and it all feels like it's my fault.

Any advice?


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  • Did you ask him the reason. Just follow things calmly, no need to rush.


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  • Maybe he just doesn't feel like it's the proper time. It doesn't mean he doesn't see you in a serious way. It's just that his family is facing some problems right now.