Should I be mentioning to my therapist that I'm only interested in these type of men?

Let me explain and please no hate because I'm going to be very honest.

I'm 20 and I've never been interested in men well at least I thought. I never had high school boyfriends or flings because in all honesty the average guy bored me and were easily manipulated. (I didn't know at the time that's what I was doing)

I'm am very aware of other peoples feelings, worries and moods even when I don't want to be and I know how to use that to my advantage. Someone expressed to me that they thought I was using my looks to get what I want and although I use them sometimes I mostly use verbal and mental manipulation.
Now I don't do this anymore once I realised what exactly it was I was doing I started to learn to control it and trust me I feel bad but now I'm also realising it was a thrill to me.
When a guy can challenge that which is well.. almost never I'm almost ready to bow down to them. I can see them almost as a king like figure. They make me want to do bad things and I don't think it's healthy. The slightest bit of weakness can turn me off of a guy if he becomes sooky and needy.
Is this common or should I be mentioning this to my therapist?


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  • Well if you're on the topic - sure. You're not the first woman I've heard about who's like this. A strong woman who gets what she wants when she wants it. Because most guys are pussies. So what do you mean by challenge? Like he sees through your manipulation? And that makes you attracted to him? I think similar things happen with a lot of women but in smaller matters like the guy being able to handle sarcasm or a man being witty.

    • Yeah I mean when I like a guy who challenges me not only does he see through it but likes to try and manipulate me. That sounds strange because a lot of people hate that but for some reason if a guy can manipulate me or at least find some degree of dominance over me it's a huge turn on. I think because I've seen so many negative comments about the type of stuff I'm into when it comes to dating I questioned wether or not there's something wrong with me. Thank you

    • Yeah no problem. I get the feeling you're an alpha female who just wants a man to be able to handle you and take control for once.

  • i would mention that what is the worst thing that could happen you spend five minutes on it and move on.


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  • Yes, I think you should mention that to your therapist. I know women who are like that, but it is not normal.